Coleman’s mustard and Alan Partridge…the bigger picture

A bright yellow pantry staple and a fictitious radio broadcaster is what the city of Norwich is most frequently associated with. Unknown to many is that in 2012, Norwich was crowned a UNESCO City of Literature. Due to Norwich’s thriving array of independent publishers and bookshops, abundant literary performances and festivals, UNESCO accepted Norwich’s bid … Continue reading


And the winner is…

Run out of election energy? Too close to the weekend to give a first-past-the-post? Yes, polling day is upon us. At least this year, there’s a whole rainbow of colours to brighten your day. The press is awash with all manner of coverage, from The Guardian’s look at data driven polling, the Twitterati getting in … Continue reading

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In the run-up to World Book Day 2015, Publishers Inc want to know what drives you up the proverbial publishing wall! We want authors, agents, publishers, comic writers, readers, illustrators, pre-press heroes, printers and distributors… not to mention everyone in between. Tell us your woes on twitter using the hashtag #publishingroom101 and @PubInc2015. Continue reading