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Behind the Scenes: Alumni Interviews

Joanna, Susan, Nic in action.

Joanna, Susan and Nic setting up.

It’s been a mad week here at Publishers Inc 2015, where the team have been catching up with Alumni to add to our app’s content. We’ve had several interviews in different formats, all designed to add a touch of reality and variety to the upcoming publication.

Part of the learning process requires us to be as creative as possible without the funds necessarily available to marketing teams and big-name publishers. As such we must be resourceful, pooling the tools and talents that we personally possess as a group. With such a mixed bag of backgrounds in the team this year, we’re having a lot of fun, not to mention getting some excellent material that we can’t wait to share with you when the app launches later this year. In the mix we have video interviews with industry experts, audio conversations with alumni, fantastic photography from locations all over the world, all embedded in a host of interactive and factual content.






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