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Publishers Inc 2015

With change being a constant in publishing, as in life, the 2015 cohort of Publishers Inc has started developing the latest edition.

A diverse team from a wide variety of backgrounds means the next edition will look at topics as diverse as sex in publishing;, the latest in marketing trends, intellectual property and innovation; literary tourism; fan fiction; Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; and interviews with key industry figures.

Excitement and anticipation belie the hard work that has already started – the buzz is all deadlines, copyright, new leads for articles and what’s the best format for this article or that info graphic or app button.

Structured flexibility is a challenging space to work in – although it is more than organised chaos – but the team is up for the challenge (and the changes) that we’ll be required to make to learn how to be better at our craft.


Publishers Inc 2015

Publishers Inc 2015



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