I’m a Secret Knitter


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I’m a secret…knitter. Well, perhaps not so secret. I’ve been known to knit on buses and trains, in cafes and canteens, and even on the rare and slightly ironic occasion, in a mac lab. I’ve always been a secret crafter, but for all my efforts, I’d never conquered knitting. I’d sit and squeeze my needles through progressively tighter and tighter loops until I’d throw the whole sorry mess to the back of the cupboard; persistence has never been my strong point when it comes to wool. It wasn’t until November of last year that I finally put my wooly demons to one side, dragged my bag out from the depths of the craft cupboard and gave it another go.

Knitting, along with the entire make do and mend mantra, has witnessed a bit of a cultural revival and all around the world people are digging out their needles and wool to knit a stitch or two. With celebrities like Kirstie Allsopp leading the way with books and TV shows, it’s never been cooler to be a crafter, and it’s never been easier. Blogs like ‘Make and Do with Perri’ and ‘The Blueberry Patch’ provide step-by-step guides and inspiration for budding crafters and YouTube is teeming with more of the same.

Since reuniting with my needles in November I’ve knitted a total of three massively long scarves. I may be a somewhat industrious knitter but as of yet I’m not a particularly skilled one. However, with an ever increasing workload on the horizon, I’m sure I’ll find the time to master socks or a jumper, knitting’s a fabulous distraction don’t you know?

To find out more or for some inspiration head over to these websites. Happy crafting!


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