And the winner is…

Run out of election energy? Too close to the weekend to give a first-past-the-post?

Yes, polling day is upon us. At least this year, there’s a whole rainbow of colours to brighten your day.

The press is awash with all manner of coverage, from The Guardian’s look at data driven polling, the Twitterati getting in on the action with virtual badges, and The Bookseller reporting that booksellers are behind Labour and authors are less than thrilled about the Green’s plans to reduce copyright.

As someone who drooled over the handwritten Declaration of Independence – handwritten by Thomas Jefferson! – at the recent Magna Carta exhibition at the British Library, today is a somewhat serious occasion. It’s the day when I feel the need to beseech people to go, have your say, exercise your civic duty muscle and make a small mark (in the box of your choosing) on the history of the UK.

But this year, I found it hard to muster that kind of enthusiasm. I voted. Before 8 am, no less. But as I age, I do wonder if that’s to do with not wanting to stand in line because I have work to do, the shine wearing off my sense of democratic responsibility…

Which means that this kind of election coverage gets my vote:

The Last Leg of the election

So if you haven’t had your say in the future of the country, get off your bahookie and earn that right to moan about whoever’s in charge of the next 5 years…



*please note that the views expressed in this blog are not those held by Publishers Inc, MSc Publishing or Edinburgh Napier University.  For the sake of equal coverage, we should also mention the Lib Dems, the SNP and umm…who’s the other guy?!



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