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Discover Dundee

Famously known as the city of the Three J’s – Jute, Jam and Journalism, Dundee has transformed itself to become a centre of excellence in the literary and creative arts. In a series of interviews with some of the city’s biggest supporters Megan Reid explores the redevelopment within the city and the huge growth of the Dundee Literary Festival and the Dundee International Book Prize.

Featuring interviews with:dundee

  • Peggy Hughes, Programme Director of the Dundee Literary Festival and Coordinator of the Dundee International Book Prize
  • Kevin Breen, Branch Manager at Waterstones Dundee
  • Zoe Venditozzi, Writer and Reader in Residence at Dundee Libraries.

Here’s a sneak preview of what they had to say about the city:

Peggy: “Dundee is great, I heard someone say: ‘It’s no’ too big, it’s no’ too sma’, it’s just braw.’”

Kevin: “Dundondians are hugely proud of their city, and rightly so, it’s a great place to live.” 

Zoe: “There’s a real feeling that Dundee is investing in the arts.” 

The 2015 edition of Publishers Inc is available free to download from the Apple iPad store now.

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