Coleman’s mustard and Alan Partridge…the bigger picture

A bright yellow pantry staple and a fictitious radio broadcaster is what the city of Norwich is most frequently associated with. Unknown to many is that in 2012, Norwich was crowned a UNESCO City of Literature.

Due to Norwich’s thriving array of independent publishers and bookshops, abundant literary performances and festivals, UNESCO accepted Norwich’s bid to become part of the creative cities network.

Similarly, the capital and largest city of Iceland, Reykjavik, was also given the City of Literature status in 2011. Perhaps the time of year in Reykjavik called ‘jólablokkaflód’, which translates to ‘the book flood before Christmas’, was reason enough for UNESCO to award the city with the accolade.

This year Publishers Inc will feature an entirely interactive map, taking you on a whirlwind tour of all 11 UNESCO Cities of Literature. With high quality photographs and fun facts, let the Publishers Inc team take you on a guided tour of the creative cities network. It’s time to start exploring…or ‘jólablokkaflóding!’

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