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A Generation Lost

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli, an important event in the histories of Australia and New Zealand (as well as other nations).  In a moving ceremony in Edinburgh, people from all over the globe gathered on the Castle Promenade to take part in remembering those who fought in a different time.

In light of the centennial of the outbreak of the First World War last year, Franzi felt the need to talk about Vera Brittains novel Testament of Youth and the importance of remembering in her article for this years edition of Publishers Inc. 

In the shadow of both the castle  and the past, the legacy of so many young men who lost their lives in what was not the war to end all wars hung in the air with the rain.  Be grateful for today.  Meet the future with courage.  If you are lucky enough to grow old, also grow wise. 

Lest we forget.


By Franzy Heydrich and Keigh-Lee Paroz

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