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In Conversation with Harriet Leslie

“Don’t stress yourself” was Harriet’s gem of advice when this year’s Publishers Inc team quizzed her on how to handle producing this years’ app.

Harriet Leslie was the Editor in Chief of Publishers Inc (2014) – the first digital edition of the magazine produced by Edinburgh Napier MSc Publishing and MSc Magazine Publishing students. During her placement at Palimpsest Book Production, she was offered a permanent position and is now a full-time member of the largest pre-press team in the UK. When we asked her to come in for an interview for the Alumni section of the 2015 app, she kindly obliged, with all sorts of helpful tips and commentary on publishing today. But sometimes, the best conversation comes after the official business is out of the way. In this audio clip, Harriet and Keigh-Lee discuss copyright, orphan works and ebooks in depth…

Harriet Leslie

Harriet Leslie being interviewed


Want to find out more about Harriet and Palimpsest BP?

Our app is now available for download in the iPad Apple app store!

We’re proud to announce that our publishing-themed magazine iPad app is now available to download for free in Apple’s app store! ( or search for Publishers Inc in the iPad app store and download the 2015 edition!

App compatibility and size: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad. App file size: 346MB

Video production: Filmed on Zoom microphone set by Nick Bruni. Edited by: Rhiannon Tate. Harriet Leslie interviewed by Susan Kemp, Rhiannon Tate and Keigh-Lee Paroz.

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