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Art. It Cures Affliction.*

Overwhelm.  Buzz.  Crowds and stalls and contracts and….books.

The London Book Fair took over Olympia last week and some of us Pub-Inc-ers were fortunate enough to be there, getting lost in the vast array of stalls and rights deals and seminars.  But not all who wander are lost and I think all of us took a lot away from the experience (and not just the freebies from LexisNexis!).

There will be updates on specific topics from the Book Fair from us, focusing on everything from licensing and copyright, books for boys, storytelling, developing markets (like Mexico), what you need to get into publishing and what you need to get ahead in publishing.

Unfortunately, having become an “incubus of viral plague” (name the magazine-themed movie in the Comments section!), I lost my voice the second day there, seriously impacting my ability to network or even ask questions.  But in an era when twitter “gives everyone a voice” it’s nice to spend time focused on listening.  Learning from other people’s experience is invaluable and immersive learning from so many experienced voices was a fantastic opportunity, the perfect cure for the afflicted.

Stay tuned for specific content and details about our upcoming competition for budding creatives….


A hive of activity at London Book Fair

A hive of activity at London Book Fair

*Quoted from The Economist, April 18-24 2015, p.76, From love to grief to gaiety on James Merrill.

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