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In Conversation with Tim Waterstone

In advance of the London Book Fair, the team at Publishers Inc are excited to announce that this year’s app Publishers Inc 2015, will feature an interview with TIM WATERSTONE, the man who brought about revolution in the publishing industry.

In an interview at Edinburgh Napier University, we asked Tim to reveal his thoughts – from opening the first Waterstones branch in 1982 to the industry today. In an article written and designed by Megan Reid, Tim covers topics such as bookselling, gives advice to unpublished writers and makes clear his real love of fiction. To give you a taster, here’s a sneak peak of his thoughts on today’s book market:

“The heart of the book market is actually fiction. They are the most astonishingly successful consumer product, books, and I mean print and paper between boards. They have been around for centuries and have an astonishing grip on culture everywhere in the world. We publish well over a hundred thousand new titles a year in Britain which is just amazing, and we have one of the best book markets in the world.”

Keep an eye out on our social media where we will be revealing some of Tim’s thoughts on Independents and Amazon. And don’t forget to download Publishers Inc 2015 from the App Store in Summer to read the article in full.

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