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Marketing Masterclass for SME publishers… in an app near you this summer

mobile-phone-426559_1280Publisher-agnostic marketing is the way to go if publishers want to put readers first. That is the view of Sam Missingham, Head of Audience Development at Harper Collins UK. Sam certainly lit up the audience at this year’s Publishing Scotland book trade conference with her demonstration of how much fun collaboration can be while still hitting all of the marketing objectives and targets. Many MSc Publishing Edinburgh Napier University students attended the conference on 24th February: Publishers Inc‘s Editor-in-Chief, Susan Kemp, was one of them, furiously taking notes and interviewing Fiona Brownlee for her top marketing tips for small publishers.

Marketing on a small budget is just one of the challenges that small and medium-sized publishes face. How to address that challenge is the focus of Susan Kemp’s article Marketing Masterclass in the 2015 edition of Publishers Inc. The article offers practical answers, which come from as diverse sources as the CEO of Harper Collins UK and marketing interns who are just starting down the road of publishing. Apart from visiting Scotland’s Book Trade conference to glean marketing gems from speakers and delegates, she has attended – and taken notes obsessively – at many publishing events as an MSc Publishing student. the article also features  video interviews by marketing experts Fiona Brownlee and Stephanie Roxburgh for the best ways to be innovative as well as consistent with a limited marketing budget.

The 2015 edition of Publishers Inc app will be available free of charge for downloading for iPad from the Apple store in summer 2015. This is the second year that Publishers Inc has been produced as an app by postgraduate students at the university; a different group of students produce each edition.

One thought on “Marketing Masterclass for SME publishers… in an app near you this summer

  1. Can’t wait to see this year’s Publishers Inc when it goes live – looking forward to reading the great content everyone has been working on in the final product!

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