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Signs You’re An Intellectual Property Geek

You know you need to get out more when:

You’re in an Italian Café and overhear the waitress confirm to the manager “Si, si, zero” and think they’re talking about Creative Commons;

Google says it’s Mercator’s birthday and you think of writing an IP blog about lex mercatoria – the law that grows and changes according to the exigencies of global economic transactions and organisations – which featured heavily in your last presentation on intellectual property, changing norms and contract formation online…and this paragraph makes sense to you;

You have written at least one article you wanted to call “Copyrights and wrongs” – and then wondered about the IPR of clichés.

Clearly, I need to take a break from working on my Intellectual Property article for Publisher’s Inc!


Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 15.50.15

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