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World Book Day – 50 Shades vs. Harry Potter

This week, like every year, has seen people – young and old – dressed up as characters from their favourite books. We’ll remember this year as being the year when that kid came to class dressed up as Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey and how we came to wonder how on earth an 11 year old boy could have come up with this idea…

But then we were so grateful for J. K. Rowling who posted and retweeted all these pictures of cute animals dressed as Harry Potter characters – literally the cutest. It’s only been a month since the first ever Harry Potter Book Night – February 5th – and now two months to go until the official Harry Potter Day – May 2nd. Yet, at Publishers Inc sometimes we feel like every day might as well be Harry Potter Day, which is why one of our articles in our 2015 edition of our magazine will feature something to do with our friend Harry. Watch out for our app’s release in the Apple store this Summer. It’s free to download – and it’s amazing!

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