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In my last post, when I mentioned taking a deep breath and the growing realisation that we had come to the end of a Very Large Project, the intensity of which dropped off as suddenly as a summer blockbuster cliffhanger, it was because I had fogotten how quickly things change…

The Degree Show was a success – emails have come in saying how professional our work was, and a few of us even had impromptu job interviews on the evening.

Personally – and I know you’re not supposed to have favourites but – the elegance and beaty of the design of the MacCaig project really appealed to me, although the fun and colour of Martin Rattler was also wonderful to see.  I have very talented colleagues!

But the fun never stops with the MSc Publishing, and attention now turns to researching Mainz and Heidelberg, where we are going to Johannes Gutenberg Universitat Mainz and visiting a number of print-related locales, all of which feel uber Print Geek Girl, and  I found this:

It looks like the kind of thing that will lead to hijinks where we’ll be reyling on James Bond to save us!

Fortunately, we’ll have on hand the man of All Things Bond, our colleague Nick Bruni, who not only won the Degree Show Award, but also has become an expert on James Bond covers through his work on Publishers Inc.

Congrats – to Nick and all of our colleagues – on the degree show and the outputs of the last 6 months; everyone deserves to be very proud of the quality and how “impressive and professional” it was.

Hopefully it will be our passport to success….

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