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A Travel Teaser

Looking for travel inspiration for that upcoming holiday? Fancy somewhere ‘off the beaten track’ and literary inspired? Well look no further than the 2015 Publishers Inc edition. This year our team highlights 3 travel destinations, solely inspired by authors and their stories. For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Old Man and the Sea, and A Moveable Feast are just some of the great works written by Ernest Hemingway on the Caribbean Island of Cuba. We tell you about Ernest Hemingway’s favourite spot to sip a mojito, when to take part in the Hemingway fishing tournament, and of course a description of his life on the island. To find out more information about Hemingway’s time on Cuba, and the other fantastic literary destinations featured in the article, download Publishers Inc 2015… coming soon!

Street scene, Havana

Street scene, Havana

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