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An update – and a sneaky peek!

Moving forward with our first digital Publishers Inc app, this week we are working on different layouts. Most of the content has been produced so the next step is to bring those files to life! Adobe DPS offers various possibilities to add interactivity to our editorial work. Here’s a sneaky peek at some of the content we have so far:

Interview with Andrew Bianchi

Article about this year's live projects

Merchiston Publishing’s live book projects for this year

Last week, we also got some useful tips from our guest speaker Peter Houston from Flipping Pages.

“I started the Flipping Pages blog at the end of 2009 as a way to share my thoughts on the development of flash-based digital magazines.”

He ensured us that content is still king, and a good magazine app has to fulfill all of the customer’s needs.


Good digital content is… Guest lecture with Peter Houston

And what do you think the perfect magazine – either print or digital – looks like? Peter gave us the answer. “Everyone knows what it looks like, but no-one’s actually seen it.”


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