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Tales of Jack at the Scottish Storytelling Centre


Heather Yule, guest storyteller at the last Guid Crack Club, accompanied the evening of irreverent, funny and at times unexpectedly grotesque Jack stories with the music of her clarsach, the Scottish traditional harpsichord.

Had the Club been held at the Waverly Bar like it usually is, we might have had only the stories. Which, even by themselves, are still a magical experience.

It is always a wonder seeing the storytellers perform their tales with passion and intensity, becoming caught up in the world and the characters they are bringing to life, and Heather was the perfect host for an evening which elicited laughter and shocked suprise from the audience – and that might be the wrong word, because at these evenings of tales and songs everybody is invited to offer something, so that everyone is a participant.

The Guid Crack Club is but one of the many ways Edinburgh celebrates its rich storytelling tradition. This year’s Publishers Inc students at Edinburgh Napier University have decided to explore this magical reality and do their share to spread the word. Stay with us and we’ll take you to enchanted places.

Heather Yule’s profile as a storyteller can be found here.

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