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Theory of Relativity

copyright-389901As we have now taken the first step in submitting our newly created magazine app, Publishers Inc 2015, we have time to redirect our efforts towards marketing the magazine and reflecting on our achievements.

We have worked hard to keep the articles in the magazine relevant to the publishing industry at large. So, it was with some satisfaction that we saw the emphasis on intellectual property and copyright at the International Publishing Association (IPA) Congress, which took place in Bangkok last week. The last of the 2015 Congress covered ‘Alternatives to legislation: licensing and other solutions’. Other copyright and intellectual property topics covered at the Congress were piracy, open access, managing imaging rights and changes to copyright legislation.

Publishers Inc 2015 has two articles covering topics of the IPA congress: Challenging Ideas, which looks at recent changes in intellectual property and their impact on publishing and Copy Righted, which outlines the opportunities the Marrakesh Treaty provides for publishers.

So it just goes to show, once again, that our MSc Publishing course is a practical one where we do put theory into practice, relative to what the publishing industry considers to be important.

Publishers Inc 2015 is a free iPad app, produced by Edinburgh Napier University MSc Publishing students for publishers, alumni and propsective publishing students. It will be available to download for free from the Apple store in early summer. Watch this website for updates!

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